February 27, 2007


i’m way too nice. Guess i woke up on in a good mood. Who knows. But… this file will only be active for a very short time, maybe a day or two at most.

Hydro Vector V3
Usage: Use and Abuse
Cost: Free, however donations are welcomed
Why: I think it’s important to give back to the community without expecting something in return.

File: Hydro Vector V3 is no longer up.

If you like this vector, I have a ton of it for sale over at YWFT. Just do a search for “Hydro 74”


Obsessive… Maybe

February 27, 2007


yeah yeah, more birds. But keep in mind they fun to do. Also, here is the WIP (Work in Progress) of the Gothic eagle. the shit in the middle is just for placement. I’m not loving it, but not hating it either. I’m using it as a basis to explore more hair ideas. Maybe a excessive, but the structure is okay.

Hitchcock Syndrome

February 26, 2007


The birds!…
I apologize for not keeping up with this, a few have emailed me, and told me to stop being lazy.. Aiight, i got it, so here you go.

I’m working on a couple illustrations, one of which is for Quiksilver for a small line that they are use to support artist, and different surf related foundations. Of course, i love doing birds, and they kick ass, at least i think so. Here are a couple heads, which thus far, i’m pretty happy with. Been exploring new hair techniques and looking at different ways to give a stronger, more dramitic effect. Let me know what you think.

Work for Food

February 17, 2007


Work for Food is the portfolio of Diego Zambrano. I first was caught up in his personal logo on a nice wood background. Beauitful colors to say the least. Then after a few moments of viewing his work, i was truely impressed. It’s a great mixture of Photoshop/Illustrator skills and his work is very well rounded.

Check out his work: Work for Food

Hydro74 Unused, so Abuse…

February 17, 2007


Here is a small gift of vector. These are a bunch of pieces i started on, but never got around to do anything with. My loss, your gain. The only rules, don’t sell this. It’s free for use and abuse.

For some better quality ones, check out You Work For Them.
I believe i have 18+ sets up there. The price for sets range between $10 to $29, unless you want full collections. If your having a hard time finding my pieces on there, just search for “Hydro 74” and see if there is anything you like.


Soft Gold

February 16, 2007


Here is a company I tend to go to often. Their portfolio isn’t loaded with a ton of pieces, but rather a few amazing pieces. Their typography along is exciting. Check out the their work: Soft Gold

Work In Progress V2

February 16, 2007


Here is a Indian i’m working on right now, trying to decide what i exactly want to do with it.

Hello Color

February 15, 2007


Just recently got a email from Pawel Nolbert over at Hello Color. He’s been in my insprations folder for quite some time and i really dig his work. His creative style and use of color is amazing and i’m always in awe of updates. Granted, in a world where Chuck Anderson, Nigel Dennis, and so on, i think Pawel’s work sticks out because his style seems be evolving, rather than doing the same thing for the past few years. Always a pleasure to view his work!

Hello Color

Current Music

February 15, 2007


Here are my top 3 songs at the moment.

Band: Mahogany
Song: Supervitesse
YouTube: Video

Band: VSB
Song: Werewolf
YouTube: Video

Band: Covenant
Song: Call the Ships to Port
YouTube: Video

Politics of the New Year.

February 15, 2007


This year, I’ve decided to become a little more rounded in my thoughts concerning politics, religion and design. There are so many personal ideas out there that it’s become this common practice to allow bias to become more truthful than facts. And with anything, you have to look at it from all perspectives. So with that said, my goals this year is to educate myself and strip away what i feel is true bias and seek out facts, or at least educate myself enought to know what is indeed closer to fact that faith of assuming what truth could be.

Here is the first small topic of a few topics for me:
Global Warming: Al Gore did a great job in his movie to bring forth a possible and very likely idea that we are doomed if we don’t start considering our own personal actions as mature adults and apply pressure to political leaders to set presidence on this issue. It was backed up with great evidence and i will allow this to be more fact since there isn’t much gain on his end. Meaning, if he was setting this up as a platform to run for President, then i would have to question his true motives. Is this just a ‘fear’ tatic to gain support or is it indeed something that needs to be addressed. I believe this needs to be addressed. He’s causing awareness that wasn’t there before and backing it up with deep insight and study. So if i’m going to take this as fact, then i need to adjust my own habits and start making new habits that help lower my own CO2 emmissions. One person can’t make a difference, but i believe many can (as in, all the others who were effected by his documentry). And having kids, if i can change bad habits into supportive habits so they inherit these, then I feel that i’ve done one part of my duty as a father/husband.

This year, i’m going to make choices that i feel will be geared towards doing my part to assist in this topic. With that said. The first 10 people to write me about this, and share their thoughts, feelings and any changes they will make, if any, will get a sticker pack from Hydro74. It’s not much, and even if you disagree with me, just tell me what you think. At least you took a moment and read this, and maybe you are effected in the same way that i was effected. who knows, just email me

Next topic, which will come soon, ..Politics.
i know none of this is design related, but there is more to Hydro than just mouse clicking 🙂 And i’m sorry for the typo’s, too lazy to click spell check!