Hells Angels

February 11, 2007

I was recently commissioned to develop 5 biker logos (well, motorcycle club logos) for Maxim. The hard part of this project, is that there are not decent references, except for maybe Hells Angels. So here is a small teaser of the 1st of 5.



2 Responses to “Hells Angels”

  1. hydro74 said

    by the way. this treatment is suppost to be the hells angels, it’s just a illustration for a set that they need for a feature, it’s not a spin-off but suppost to be what it is. Just wanted to let you know

  2. jerry lewis said

    dude!!!!!are you crazy?!?!?! unless youre in the h.a. you do not want them knowing that you have reproduced their imagery for anyone let alone maxim…there is a reason that you cant find good reference, no one else would risk reproducing it. trust me they take this very seriously. you might want to hide this as much as possible. its not worth having your thumbs cut off.

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