Happy, … late, V.Day

February 15, 2007


As i was sorting over various emails today, trying to get my plan of attack sorted, my wife and two daughters (caitlyn & hailey) walk into the office with 3 different cards a little box. Of course my oldest daughter (caitlyn) who is 5, yells out, “Daddy, it’s a watch”, ruins the surprise, but still. Basically, my wife went out and got me the Vestal Motorhead Watch, (a.k.a the obey watch). In return, so you don’t think i’m a lazy husband, got her 3 seasons of 24. She’s really into that show for some reason. Heard it’s good, but nothing is as good as Battlestar!!!

So thank you! It’s pretty cool. However my Rotolog still has dibs for wrist action, but I’ll break it in.


3 Responses to “Happy, … late, V.Day”

  1. Chris said

    Just got into 24 and Battlestar in the past 2 or 3 months… both are great. My wife and I have actually watched both of the first 2 seasons of both shows and are hooked. Gotta catch up on BS more though.

    That watch it hot too. +want.

  2. hydro74girl said

    hope you like the watch, thanks for the 24 dvds. you rock!

  3. Sweet Watch! I thought about getting one of those. I got another NIXON instead.

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