Politics of the New Year.

February 15, 2007


This year, I’ve decided to become a little more rounded in my thoughts concerning politics, religion and design. There are so many personal ideas out there that it’s become this common practice to allow bias to become more truthful than facts. And with anything, you have to look at it from all perspectives. So with that said, my goals this year is to educate myself and strip away what i feel is true bias and seek out facts, or at least educate myself enought to know what is indeed closer to fact that faith of assuming what truth could be.

Here is the first small topic of a few topics for me:
Global Warming: Al Gore did a great job in his movie to bring forth a possible and very likely idea that we are doomed if we don’t start considering our own personal actions as mature adults and apply pressure to political leaders to set presidence on this issue. It was backed up with great evidence and i will allow this to be more fact since there isn’t much gain on his end. Meaning, if he was setting this up as a platform to run for President, then i would have to question his true motives. Is this just a ‘fear’ tatic to gain support or is it indeed something that needs to be addressed. I believe this needs to be addressed. He’s causing awareness that wasn’t there before and backing it up with deep insight and study. So if i’m going to take this as fact, then i need to adjust my own habits and start making new habits that help lower my own CO2 emmissions. One person can’t make a difference, but i believe many can (as in, all the others who were effected by his documentry). And having kids, if i can change bad habits into supportive habits so they inherit these, then I feel that i’ve done one part of my duty as a father/husband.

This year, i’m going to make choices that i feel will be geared towards doing my part to assist in this topic. With that said. The first 10 people to write me about this, and share their thoughts, feelings and any changes they will make, if any, will get a sticker pack from Hydro74. It’s not much, and even if you disagree with me, just tell me what you think. At least you took a moment and read this, and maybe you are effected in the same way that i was effected. who knows, just email me

Next topic, which will come soon, ..Politics.
i know none of this is design related, but there is more to Hydro than just mouse clicking 🙂 And i’m sorry for the typo’s, too lazy to click spell check!


11 Responses to “Politics of the New Year.”

  1. Josh said

    I haven’t sat down to watch an Iconvenient Truth. I can’t deal with Al Gore’s voice but I’m very interested to see what he has to say.

    Global Warming is finally getting the thoughtful attention from the masses it deserves. The media, in all it’s lack of wisdom, has done a poor job of explaining the issue and why we must begin to change our direction on this issue. And EVERYONE needs to get past the desire to see one energy technology (wind, solar, coal) replace oil as the defacto energy source. It’s not going to happen. We need 10 different sources in the beginning. Let the market and research sort out which ones are the best (long term) over a decade or two.

    It’s going to be economically, socially, & politically difficult but do we really have a choice?

    Pearl Jam bought part of a rain forest to offset their CO2 emissions created from producing and touring on their last album. We all can’t afford to do that but it shows their is a path for all of us to make an impact.

    Even the President is coming around (probably to save what little credibility he has left) and in the next few years, I believe, we’ll really start making headway.

    You should check out Gore’s book. I believe it was designed by someone from Pentagram. It’s brilliant.

  2. hydro74 said

    I agree with you. It’s funny because you’ll always have people on both sides. The argument lately, that the right wing side has been promoting is that this issue is more ‘faith’ related, and that it’s not fact. Pretty much meaning it’s no different than believing in God. There is no proof in God’s exsistence, you can’t touch or communicate with God in a scientific fashion thus he could be there but that is your ‘faith’ that he is. My thought is easy on this. There is far more tangible proof that Global Warming is happening, and maybe on the extremist scale that Gore has set, but there is evidence that something is happening. With that, the ‘faith’ of Global Warming is very limited since there is a decent amount of scientific support pointing to it’s effects. God on the other hand is all about faith and also plays on the emotional and psychological ‘unknowns’ to manipulate you to assume, which I’ll address later. So if the right wing is putting God and Global Warming in the same category and saying it’s a faith based belief, then wouldn’t the Right Wing in sense say that both are myth’s and actually discredit their faith based audience.

    It’s just odd.
    Or maybe I’ve just over thought it. Who knows, but I’m open to your thoughts.

    Hydro74 | Joshua

  3. Ryan said

    I to have not seen the movie but how can I watch a movie about global warming when the Creator of the film has put more CO2 emissions into the air by flying around and promoting the movie then I will in a life time of driving my Jetta.

    I just have a problem with the “Do as I say and Not as I do” attitude that politicians bring to the table. Don’t get me wrong we should all do are part but when a politician wether that is Republican/Democrate speaks about doing our part and then gets into his SUV it turns me off completely.

    Do your part for the issue/issues and it will definetly get other people to get excited. Lead by example!!

  4. hydro74 said

    i agree with you to the point that yes, more CO2 is released by flying around in a Jet. However, this is the flip side. If he didn’t do this, and didn’t fly, and just tried to get around in his hybrid, how many people would be reached and how effective would he be at trying to get world leaders to get a grip on emission standards. There are certian things you need to sacrafice in the process of making a statement on any issue.

    Also, watch the film. His point in the movie is to get auto manufacturers to get better CO2 regulations, as well as factories who emit quite a bit of polution to raise their standards. It’s more about trying to get them to realize that they need to invest a little bit into developing cleaner buring fuels, or getting better milage, not so much on the ‘give up your car, and hug a tree’, or give up oil stance. There are better solutions, which he points out.

    Watch the movie first. at least see where he’s coming from, then agree or disagree based on your views. It’s not a ‘holier than thou’ movie by any means.

  5. Chris said

    I’m so over politics. There are so many pluses and minuses to both sides. The media turns things around so much on both sides and to different extremes it’s really hard to know what is the truth. I am curious to see this film now though, more than I have been before I read your post. We’ll see.

  6. http://www.canadafreepress.com/2006/harris061206.htm

    check out that address if you would like to see some of the people who disagree on the reason for global warming that mr. gore gives. they have much research that disproves the CO2 theory and say that they have not figured out why it is happening yet. very interesting artical from canada free press.

    and don’t be so sure about motives. presidency is not the only thing that gives people misleading motives. legacy and pride can do the same things. no one wants to be remembered as the loser of an election, or as he puts it the one who had the election stolen from them. he can’t run again because his party is afraid to support him as many view him as a bit of a loon even in his own party. a couple of tirades and explosions he has done publically over the past few years have caused many former fans to discredit him and disaccociate from him completely.

    also ryan there will be an interesting show by hannity exposing many of the unenvironmentally friendly contradictions by gore and other’s- i think on sunday- on fox news, probably could find the exact details on the wesite it includes a challange to gore that the concert tour awareness they are gonig to be going on that all the artists use environmentally concious transportation. we’ll see if they can get artists to ditch private planes and tour busses.

  7. hydro74 said

    i don’t feel Hannity and Fox News is the best to do a Expose on anything.. I would rather see a moderate view point who’s agenda isn’t to break down someones work, but rather find the common thread. View both sides then debate about what is correct and what is not correct.

    Also, with Gore. find me text from both sides of the fence that say the same thing and i will agree with you. One persons writing is no different than Michael Moore, meaning it’s filled with their own political bias. From my readings, Gore is actually well supported in his political party because he is doing something. By the way on the election stolen issue. I would also research the Diebold machines. There is a non-profit organization, who is moderate, who is researching election fraud. Quite a bit has been brought forth from their research. But that is a totally different debate.

    Here are a few articals which are interesting. again, bias is assumed, but worthy of checking out.

    Election Fraud

    Christian Coalition


  8. hydro74 said

    Watch the movie before commenting
    seriously. I can assume that a few haven’t watched it, and are giving their views, but watch it. if you don’t agree with global warming, watch it, if you hate gore, watch it.

    I really hate those who will preach their view points without at least watching what is being discussed. If your going to watch Fox News so they can say what a hack Gore is, and you haven’t watched the documentry, then your view point is pretty null and void. Be well rounded. I’ll at least read something for watch something before commenting.


  9. Kyle said

    I’ll chime in and say that I haven’t seen it, but without knowing anything contained within it, i’m skeptical off the bat. Not because its gore, or his political views, etc, I just can’t make myself believe in a huge global doomsday scenario that would be brought about in the near future, when the world has been chugging along just fine for thousands or millions of years. I will watch it to learn more about it, but I guess the freakin freezing weather right now has me scratching my head HOPING for global warming!!! 🙂

  10. hydro74 said

    ha ha. word. just make some time and watch it. I honestly didn’t want to see it either, but after seeing it, seeing how organized the information was and how he supported the information, it was quite compelling.

    basically, what it’s about is the increase in c02. what most cars produce, factories, etc, as well as humans produce. the cycle of the earth which happens each fall releases oxygen, thus taking out exsisting co2. when there is more co2 being produce than oxygen to counter balance it, then you start to see increase in temp and weather cycles.

    it’s worth watching even if you disagree with it, because at least you’ll see the other side and there could be something within it. Besides. if you really think about, companies like GE and many other mega corps are taking exsisting technology and transforming into a more eco friendly piece, as in engins, power plants, etc. either it’s because they see evidence that there is a need for responsiblity, or they are trying to capitalize on the ‘fear’ aspect. either way, it’s still good because the final benefit is for conservation of some form or fashion.

    who knows. I was impressed by it, and i’m not a bleeding heart libreal either. i’m very moderate in my choices. i believe something can be taught by both sides and honestly hate both sides of the political agenda and any extremest point of view. hope this helps. but it’s your over all choice if you want to view something or not. who knows.

  11. Ryan said

    I don’t know if this is still up for discussion but I will add my 2cents again. I took your advice and saw the movie, I felt bad I had posted and not seen the movie and co workers had recommended it.

    So here it goes. Overall not as bad as I thought it would be. I thought some interesting parts were the melting ice caps and the effect that had on the planet overall. I really want to do some research that discusses the other side of the argument and hear their point of view and then form more opinions.

    The style of the film also was not as bad as I thought it did get a little boring with the presentation style he was doing but he put different shots in there that didn’t make it to bad.

    All politics a side what you can take from the movie or what I took from the movie is that everyone should at the very least be aware of the world we live on and do their part!!

    Thanks for the discussion.

    Like I said I am sure this conversation is over but I wanted to drop a note about my thoughts on the movie

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