Work In Progress V2

February 16, 2007


Here is a Indian i’m working on right now, trying to decide what i exactly want to do with it.


6 Responses to “Work In Progress V2”

  1. Mike said

    HI HYDRO!!! I am your biggest fan from Slovakia … 😀 I loove your works! Im watching your website every day. I want to be your good friend. Im just 16 years old and Im stuing design.:) If you got ICQ number or Skype or anything else please give me your contact!

  2. LaidbackLuke said

    hi Hydro!
    im your 2nd biggest fan (Mike already took the 1st place hahahA). really really like your works.
    a step by step guide about the indian would be nice so we could have some idea about your workflow.
    a started to work with PS CS2 and this is my 2nd design:

    gimme some feedback/critc please

  3. M W M said

    Yooo! The new work is amazing man!
    Lets collaborate. Much Respect!
    _MWM Graphics & Wallspankers

  4. cbraun said

    Second design huh? Pretty decent for a newbie.

  5. G FORCES said

    What Camara did you use???????

  6. Ron Free said

    our noses are not that wide, and please, if it is in Lakota style do not pin an Iroquois nation headdress on a decayed representation of our warriors. Presently, our brave warriors are currently in combat in Iraq, and I do not think you are paying them any respect if it is not accurate.

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