Hydro74 Unused, so Abuse…

February 17, 2007


Here is a small gift of vector. These are a bunch of pieces i started on, but never got around to do anything with. My loss, your gain. The only rules, don’t sell this. It’s free for use and abuse.

For some better quality ones, check out You Work For Them.
I believe i have 18+ sets up there. The price for sets range between $10 to $29, unless you want full collections. If your having a hard time finding my pieces on there, just search for “Hydro 74” and see if there is anything you like.



3 Responses to “Hydro74 Unused, so Abuse…”

  1. Phill said

    nicesir, i like the Eagles and the Lions.

    peace, PT

  2. Kyle said

    Cool thanks for the freebies, your tablescraps are always beneficial to us pheasants 😉

  3. Bjorn said

    I just want to ask you, which font did you used in your logo ? Or it’s was made by your hand?

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