Hitchcock Syndrome

February 26, 2007


The birds!…
I apologize for not keeping up with this, a few have emailed me, and told me to stop being lazy.. Aiight, i got it, so here you go.

I’m working on a couple illustrations, one of which is for Quiksilver for a small line that they are use to support artist, and different surf related foundations. Of course, i love doing birds, and they kick ass, at least i think so. Here are a couple heads, which thus far, i’m pretty happy with. Been exploring new hair techniques and looking at different ways to give a stronger, more dramitic effect. Let me know what you think.


8 Responses to “Hitchcock Syndrome”

  1. PT said

    Those are freaking awesome mate! how long does it take you to get those together? i think the hair makes them look more wild!

    peace. PT

  2. Pawel said

    That’s great so far! Liking the second one more, is more agressive. Maybe that’s just me, but I dunno about it’s tongue – looks too looong for me..
    Also, depending on what would be at the bottom part, it’s always cool if the eagle holds something in it’s claws.

  3. Daniel said

    Birds do kick ass! Love your details on them, really looking forward to the finished design.

  4. cbraun said

    They look great! I’m always impressed with your bird heads. The new hair technique looks great too. Do you do your hairs in multiple layers and several paths, or are they one big complex path? Also, do you draw your stuff on paper first and then trace, or is most of your stuff done on screen? Nice work bro, I’m a long time fan.

  5. Elmo_WAN_Smelmo77 said

    First of all. Your work is pretty sick. You are like pretty gifted I guess. Definitly like the birds. The details on the eyes are amazing. And yess the new hair technigues give it a more dramatic effect. Some other people asked it already in previous comments to show us some in between steps. So we can learn from your workflow. I’m especially interested in the way you remodel some fonts to the finished logo’s I have seen on your site. Remember You Work for Us ;-).

    Keep up the goodwork and keep pushing your boundries.

    Greetings the Dutch fan Elmo WAN’77

  6. That first one is dope. Are you working from a photo or just freehanding those? Good stuff.

  7. Joe said

    Always wondered, do you do these illustrations on paper with pencil/ink and then scan/convert or do you do them directly on the computer?

  8. Alice said

    UUrrgh u make my mouth water!

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