February 27, 2007


i’m way too nice. Guess i woke up on in a good mood. Who knows. But… this file will only be active for a very short time, maybe a day or two at most.

Hydro Vector V3
Usage: Use and Abuse
Cost: Free, however donations are welcomed
Why: I think it’s important to give back to the community without expecting something in return.

File: Hydro Vector V3 is no longer up.

If you like this vector, I have a ton of it for sale over at YWFT. Just do a search for “Hydro 74”


16 Responses to “VECTOR!”

  1. josh said

    thanks. i enjoy your stuff over at ywft too.

  2. ftrc said

    thanks for this.

    your work is awesome.

  3. […] … von einem der coolten Vektorstylern auf dem Planeten. hydro74 […]

  4. Jack said

    Really pleased to see you’ve got a blog running mate, some great links & i’ll definitely keep coming back for inspiration.

    Your site has been one of two or three of my favourite resources since my early days of uni (i graduated last summer). Many a time did try biting your techniques! 😉

    I’m lucky to be working for a good agency at the moment, but checking what your doing here is an inspiration to do my own thing at some point.

    Keep inspiring.


  5. Jack said

    Wy the way, i’m curious, whats your standard process? Do you hand sketch onto paper, then import and trace with the vector? Or go straight in with the wacom?

    Cheers mate

  6. Brian said

    thanks for the fresh vectors. i could send you some tees i did if you like.

  7. Nathan said

    Awesome. Much thanks man. Can’t wait to check this out…

    Giving back is always a good thing.

  8. davidmac said

    wow… thanks alot!!! these are very cool

  9. Bjorn said

    Thank you very much !

  10. Joe said

    Nice! Appreciate it big time. Always a fan of your work (and vector packs).

    – Joe

  11. Kyle said

    Thanks man, as always a pleasure checking out your wares

  12. Hans said

    Thanks! and check your mail!!!

  13. gilang said

    amazing vector !

  14. Steve said

    Hey, nice work, but is there still a download available?

    lookin forward


  15. Jesperado said

    Dagnabbit, I missed this one! Please, kind sir, lemme get in on the fun.

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