Hello Freak!

March 1, 2007


Hellofreaks is a the graphic design and illustration work of Jerome Castro. He’s based in Paris, France, which seems to be base for a lot of well known designers / illustrators. His illustration is a mixture of well done, simple illustration that has a cute, yet mean vibe. His color selections are amazing along with his typography.

Check out his work: Hello Freaks


6 Responses to “Hello Freak!”

  1. PT said

    Really nice style, his colouring reminds me of Scott Hansen (http://iso50.com/iso50.html).

    Really nice clean work! thanks for sharing mate!


  2. szabopeterkrisztian said

    …great, some fresh stuff around here…just as you’ve promised đŸ™‚

  3. Smooth said

    Very fresh design!

  4. Pawel said

    Yea, hot stuff in there. It’s been in my bookmarks for a while.
    Two things that i love in his illustrations are great color selections and subtle texturing underneath it that igves it a depth.

  5. Yeah this guy is amazing. His colors and textures are the best. Thanks for the link.

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