Free Vector V3

March 15, 2007


Another wonderful gift from the Hydro74 Sect. I was cleaning out some files last night and found some elements i don’t use much of any more, so I decided to give them to you. Again, this is my way as a designer to support the design community and thanking you for your support.

Here is the link : NO LONGER AVAILABLE

And of course, Hydro74 Marketing Department encourages me to state this: Better sets of vector are over at YWFT. Here is my collection


10 Responses to “Free Vector V3”

  1. felipe said

    thank you one more time. =]

  2. mrchek said

    awesome )))

  3. Sushy said

    Looks like a useful and beautiful vector =)

  4. Smooth said

    You are too generous, thanks!

  5. szabopeterkrisztian said

    …thanks 🙂

  6. hellocolor said

    Hey, that’s the eagle from the Polish national ensign..
    Lookin damn good here.

  7. Jordan said

    Yeah thanks, it’s cool to see how your stuff breaks down.

  8. David said

    Unfortunally I can’t download this set of icons, broken link or maybe isn’t available anymore.

    There is any chance to put it back on line?

    Greetings from Argentina,


  9. torka said

    and also missed those….

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