March 21, 2007


One of the few pleasures I have for myself is watching Battlestar Galactica on the Sci-Fi Channel. This is a amazing story and struggle that takes stabs at current day politics and relationships. It is a great study, if you will, of propaganda at it’s best and choosing what is worth fighting for in one’s own life. Such a great show.

Due to my main addiction, design, I have very little time for TV. However, this is one show that I have to make time for. We all have our vices that help us thought our routines and always need something to look forward to other wise, we do fall into a very standardize routine, and the days pass like seconds. Battlestar is my way of getting off the computer and doing something else than clicking a mouse. Besides, Grace Park, damn hot! Don’t let my wife know tho (ha)


3 Responses to “Battlestar…”

  1. Lard said

    You are not frackin wrong there my friend.

  2. hydro74girl said

    umm…yeah…i already know that you think she hot. if you meet her…pull out all your sexy moves for her!

  3. Joe said

    You’re right about vices. I’ll admit mine is (gasp) World of Warcraft! At least Battlestar can provide forms of inspiration as well as entertainment.

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