Sea World

March 28, 2007

I was out of the office at Sea World yesterday with my family and Brother/Sister in law. It was a fun day, however i wasn’t as productive as i wished. The funny part is that once i got home, all i could think about was clicking my mouse, taking care of a few projects, maybe start a illustration, but no. Feet were tired, i was tired, and that Starbucks coffee i got, had no punch to get me juiced up for a late night. Damn. but all good.

When i’m at places like that, i people watch and see what the common thing people are wearing, as in shirts or brands. Here is my recap: Volcom.. only a hand few. Billabong. There were a few pieces being worn, but not that many. Quiksilver probably was the dominate brand of the day. I saw maybe 2 slogan based shirts, (thank god, hate those things). Rusty had a few pieces worn, didn’t see any Rip Curl and probably a handful of skate shirts, but mostly by young kids.

So i’m back today, doing what i do best, .. hiding in front of the computer, clicking the mouse!


5 Responses to “Sea World”

  1. Nathan said

    You may have seen shirts by Stranded. They have at least 10 different designs currently available at Target. I have about 75% of them. Heh.

  2. Chris said

    that is all i ever do wherever i go out anywhere. i look at type, t-shirt designs, etc.

  3. Yeah I watch people and look at what they are wearing all the time!

  4. steve said

    sounds like fun — always good to see what’s out there. i do the same thing with music.

    glad you’re back. love the work!

  5. MQ said

    sometimes enjoying a day away from it all is good…but you never really escape. as we all know.

    glad to have you back!

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