Spring Cleaning – Random Vector

March 30, 2007


Here are some files that i don’t believed I have ever used. About a year and a half ago, a friend scanned these in and sent them over to me from Germany, so I don’t take credit for these. I never got around to using them, so for a nice Friday treat, some more elements.



11 Responses to “Spring Cleaning – Random Vector”

  1. MQ said

    Happy Friday to all.

    Thanks Joshua!

  2. ftrc said

    i love this german eagles

    thanks. =]

  3. steve said

    these rock! thanks, Josh!

  4. Jordan said

    Very cool, thanks!

    Also thought I’d share this link http://www.virtualherbarium.org/cgi-bin/SearchCAYM.pl for anyone interested in checking it out.

    A ton of pretty decent sized photos of all sorts of plant life, begging for manipulation.


  5. Bjorn said

    Thank you very much, great illustrator – Hydro74!!!

  6. coolbreeze06 said

    Thanks!!! Love you work!

  7. scott said

    hey mate,

    have purchased most of your sets through ywft

    would love to get my hands on this

    love your work


  8. Heath said

    Damn, I missed this download and would love to have it. Does anyone reading this possibly have this and could be nice enough to hook me up with it? I will trade something if I have something you want/need. Thanks for all the other downloads..much appreciated!

  9. torka said

    shit…. too late….
    I love those “fenix” illustrations

  10. Venom said

    Could you upload it again please?

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