Fan Mail

April 30, 2007


Just got a email from a student over in Indonesia and i would have to say it’s one of the best pieces of fan mail i’ve gotten in a long time. The image above is from it, pretty much typing ‘i love hydro74’ to create a H74. Thanks Gee! This is a great boost for the day.

*this is from Gilang Purnama


Yasly Updates

April 30, 2007


Danny Jones a.k.a. Yasly just updated with a sick PDF of Illustrations, Shirts and some print pieces. He is a great friend and a amazing designer. It’s pretty much quarterly that I see some crazy change in his style.

When you are over there, check out his blog too, always a nice delight to see what he’s been working on, or to even pick up some free design resources.

Stand firm on Iraq

April 27, 2007


If you agree with this, sign it. I admire that Edwards is trying to do. – Hydro74

In the last 48 hours both houses of Congress passed a bill to end the war by funding the troops with a clear timeline to bring them home. Bush’s inevitable veto will probably happen in less than 4 days.
Everything depends on what Congress does next. Many in Washington think it’s time to give in. We made our point, they argue, and now we should just give Bush another blank check to extend his war.
No. This Congress was not elected to make points—it was elected to end the war. When Bush vetoes, Congress must pass another spending bill just like this one, that funds the troops and brings them home. And they should do it again. And again. Until we end this war.

We’ve got about 96 hours to flood Washington with the names and comments of constituents calling on Congress to stand firm. We’re aiming to deliver 100,000 names and comments from all over the country before Congress decides its next move. We are not spectators in all of this. Our voice has real power. Please use yours today:

What are we up against here? You’ve seen it already.
How many times have you already heard things like “Democrats are the party of surrender” or “Democrats want to wave the white flag” from right-wing talking heads?
This is the classic Rove/Bush strategy: Pump the airwaves so full of frightening spin that the Democrats second guess themselves into paralysis and give up. Not this time.

We will not be intimidated because we see what’s behind every empty, chest-thumping right-wing talking point. We see another soldier who will never again leave his wheelchair. We see another American family stricken with grief. And we see hundreds of thousands of our men and women in uniform waking up every morning wondering if their family will be the next to lose someone they love.

That’s why we have no choice: we’ve got to be louder than Rove, louder than Bush, and louder than any fear that might throw Congress off course. That might sound impossible. But if that’s what it takes, then we’ve got to do the impossible—and together I firmly believe that we can.

Please add your name and comments today, and we’ll make sure you are heard in Washington at this critical time.
Thank you for taking action when your country needs you most.
–John Edwards
 Friday, April 27, 2007

Macy’s Department Store

April 27, 2007


Here are a few illustrations i did for Macy’s Department Stores. It’s for the kids line they produce in house. I actually had a lot of fun doing the football one. Reminds me when i played in Jr.High and High School. But i didn’t play often, since i’m only 5 foot 5, and played a linebacker. Yeah.. didn’t play much at all.. sigh..

Anyway, … as i get back on topic. It was a fun project. Macy’s is a great client.

The Golden Skull

April 27, 2007


Here is something i was playing around with last night. I thought it was pretty rad when i got done with it. It was actually designed as a CD cover mock. Just so i could have some reference on typography

Harry Potter

April 27, 2007


A while back I was given a project to do a pitch for Harry Potter. It was a fun project, which I will admit, i didn’t have the confidence to provide the style that was needed. However, Evoke said they had faith and by the end of the project, i was very happy. Granted, it was a lot of work trying to get each image of each character in, then color match so it looked as if they were all part of the same shot. I’m quite happy with them. The only bad thing is that the site launched, and nothing that I assisted with made it into the pitch. No biggie 🙂

YWFT | Sets are up

April 26, 2007


Legion 16 is now up


Legion 17 is now up as well

I had a few emails on this so just wanted to make a post and let you know.


Okay. After a few suggestions, here is a real quick tutorial I threw together. Clipping is a simple function in Illustrator but sometimes the fun things you can do with it are over looked. Here is something i played with recently and i enjoyed the results.

Hydro Tutorial >> The Art of Clipping

*it’s saved as a pdf, but open the file in Illustrator.


April 26, 2007


A good friend (Brad Matlack) just printed up some shirts to help support his trip to Africa. I AM NOT A BYSTANDER’s mission is simple: To be a catalyst that influences individuals to get actively involved in Africa and the AIDS pandemic by breaking down the stigma through education, community involvement and group accountability.

I am not one to jump on Christian based projects, however his passion is there and I believe his heart has a true deep pain and concern for this region of the world.

Order his shirt, support his cause, if not just drop him a line and offer your support!
>>>IANB Shirts


First and foremost, if you get the reference for the above title, I will personally send you a nice gift in the mail (* Rimfya got it… thanks for playing tho)

Yes, I am for Edwards. Yes I consider myself a Democrat. I really admire what his stances are, and I could care less about his $400 haircut (debate that is going on) Considering his track record vs. many other Republicans in office right now, Edwards, to me has the best intentions. Coming in second would be Sen. John McCain. I know he’s Republican, but he is one of the few Repub’s to stand up against Bush and Loyal Bushys concerning POW treatments & war policies.

anyway. Here are some recent quotes from Edwards I really enjoyed. Mostly, because these statements made me feel proud to be a American again. He is right, our political system is the PEOPLE’S GOVERNMENT, not the REPUBLICAN PARTY’S GOVERNMENT.

“The President should demand that Alberto Gonzales resign, and he should fire Karl Rove. They have turned the Department of Justice into the Department of Political Payback. In doing so, they deny every American the legitimate expectation that justice will be administered without reference to partisan considerations.
“If President Bush doesn’t have the courage to fire Gonzales, he should step up and resign for the good of the country.

“And with a new investigation aimed squarely at Karl Rove, the President should fire him if he continues to refuse to testify under oath. New reports that federal employees were urged to assist Republican candidates through their official duties are outrageous. This is the American people’s government, not the Republican Party’s.

“There is too much at stake – from the war in Iraq to 45 million Americans without health care – to let this continue. We don’t need the distraction of more investigations of criminal activity in the Bush Administration.”

I post this because I know my view, I know my passion and I know that we need to be involved more in politics. I could care less what side you like, just get to know your candidate and your issues and fight for them. Just take a few moments to consider each side with out bias, select and move forward.