La Fiesta

April 4, 2007


Ah. It’s one of those projects that comes in, then the client flakes and you pretty much never hear anything more from them. However, i will admit, i do like these treatments. So if there is no love on the clients end for a Hydro refugee treatment, then I will show pride in it.

Sorry for the limited amount of attention to the blog this week thus far, I’ve been rather busy. However i will post something very nice today.. promise!


7 Responses to “La Fiesta”

  1. Hey I think it turned out great anyways. I was wondering if anything ever transpired on that.

  2. Pootie said

    You’re a baddy daddy lamatai tebby chai!

  3. MQ said

    Did they drop the campaign ’cause that shits rad.

    Great work man.

  4. Bjorn said

    NICEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The type is def off da chain!..please make that into a font..people will def buy it!

  6. Nathan said

    I hate it when that happens… Nice work though.

  7. BTHuman said

    Bogus. Love the treatments.

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