April 6, 2007


Steven David Muller has some insain work over at his site 57even.

I always check out people who post on my site to see what they are up to because i believe there is a common bond between myself and designers who like my work, which is a passion for either typography or illustration. Steven was one of the people who posted who’s link i clicked, and i’m glad i did, his work has a raw edge and a hint of chaos screaming to be let loose.


7 Responses to “57Even”

  1. Joe said

    That guy’s work is def sick.

  2. steve said

    wow. another site i have to check often now. haha.

  3. Chaos style check ou tthe old dirty


    He has alot of nice stuff..

  4. Nathan said

    Wow. Fucking badass. I love his style… I love the dirty look and feel. Really nice work there…

  5. Yeah thanks for the link. I haven’t seen him before, good stuff!

  6. snickars said

    wow. like he said, another one i have to check out every now and then. def dig the style, reminds me of this danish guy http://www.plastickid.dk

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