H74 Lettering

April 6, 2007


A client wanted me to do a abstract illustration for print, and honestly, I hate doing abstract stuff. I really like structure, or reasons why certian things are there, rather than the typical glows and gradients all over the place. I don’t mind doing it, but that trend is so blah to me, and obviously, I love working in Illustrator. So in the process, i thought i would explore some typography in the abstraction, and throw down a reference to me, ha!.

This is what i came up with, i like it.
here is a larger version:h74 letters


3 Responses to “H74 Lettering”

  1. NonoD said

    Amazing type ! Great !!!

  2. Joe said

    That’s sick Josh. I was wondering though, can you show an example of what you mean by abstract? (I think you’re reffering to that 3D explosion crap that was popular a few years back but I could be wrong.)

  3. james said

    So did you create all that detail by hand? Or did you use a library of vector embellishes and blend things together? Fantastic job either way.

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