Maxim Magazine

April 9, 2007


This weekend i picked up the new Maxim, and the Biker Illustration i worked on were in it. I know, some people give me shit about doing up biker logos, and more so for the Hell’s Angels. However they needed the illustration to highlight different MC’s and it was a pleasure working on something with skulls in it..ha


6 Responses to “Maxim Magazine”

  1. MQ said

    HOLLA! Great work. Can’t complain too much when there’s a skull to work with.

  2. DERMOT said

    Looks awesome!!!

  3. Nathan said

    Damn…look at those breasts 8D

  4. boa said

    Hi, I know it’s not the place to leave this comment, but I don’t see any other options…anyway, I think it’s about time you make a rss-feed from your blog (if you already have, it must be burried somewhere deep into these pages), I get tired of checking for updates all the time…

  5. screw that crap. it’s work and it’s exposure in a huge publication.

    they’re all just jealous biters, man….


  6. strator71 said

    Killer work again! And actually I’ve thought of doing an update on the death-head logo, but not sure how to go about it. I can’t now, Yours KICKS. nice job.

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