Post Birthday Party

April 11, 2007


Last night, we invited a few friends over for a hydro kegger for a post birthday party. Well, actually, pizza, wine and soda (or to us northern bread folks, pop). Among the list few people who came over were a few design friends, and guess what we talked about…

Jeremy Kennedy from Kenedik
Danny Jones from Yasly
Augusto Avila JR from Media Sky Studios
As well as Marcos Crespos who works with Augusto, Nick from Relevant and Tia (as well as the lovely spouces and of course the Drakes)

Anyway, i walked away with a few Starbucks gift cards, a 8 inch Flying Fortress Dunny, a 20″ widescreen Cinema Display as well as some nice hair related things that came in this dildo looking tube. Thanks Jeremy!


One Response to “Post Birthday Party”

  1. DOOD!

    You scored HARD CORE!!

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