Troy White // Team Hydro Member

April 12, 2007


Troy White is a good friend and design colleague, and no, he’s not my alter ego (ha). I started using Troy as a solid freelancer mid last year. Over the past months, his talent as grown and illustrations are starting to shape up. He recently printed up a small batch of shirts and posters that turned out fantastic. Check it out and give him some support.

Troy’s Site
Troy’s Blog (has some vector elements for download up as well)
Troy’s Poster

**image borrowed from his blog


3 Responses to “Troy White // Team Hydro Member”

  1. Nathan said

    What’s up with his About page? Weird…

  2. Yeah- whats up.. He sucks..

  3. Matt Q said

    He is bangin’.

    Are you uh… still with us Joshua?

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