Hydro74 Apparel Line

April 16, 2007


I’m in process of planning a small sub apparel line. It won’t be launched till probably mid to late May. However the goal with the line is to give very detailed illustrations to the shirts. This is going to be part of one of the designs. The illustration is maybe 10% done and will be very time consuming, however as i progress, i’ll post updates. This line will be somewhat seperate from Hydro74 and i’m not going to change things out each season with new designs. I would rather just focus on great illustration work and typography for the line when you see the shirts, you’ll be excited and inspired by them. Fingers crossed, but updates will be often on that.


8 Responses to “Hydro74 Apparel Line”

  1. I just love your work. It speaks, it reaches out and grabs your attention. looks like I’ll be spending some money on shirts soon:)

  2. Clay said

    Got Detail? This is truly looking awesome Josh. Excited & Inspired? Who wouldn’t be?.

  3. cbraun said

    If this happens you’ll be the demise of my bank account.

  4. I’d totally buy some. I’m anxious to see what you will put out. I’m not one to get into whatever clothing company is starting up these days, but I love supporting artists that I like.

  5. theveritablefabulist said

    i’d love to see that bird face just the way it is, like black print on a dark grey shirt

  6. Andy said

    I’m down for one…keep up the hot work and tidy blogging

  7. Kyle said

    Man i’m all over it once you print em up.

  8. jimiyo said

    sweeeeet sweet. you’ll make bank!

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