Small Bird Update

April 17, 2007


This is just a rough concept. still debating if i should build the whole bird out or focus a little bit more on hair on the left side so it goes around the collar more.


10 Responses to “Small Bird Update”

  1. Phillip Tibballs said

    Hey looking good man! i’d buy that shirt as it if but i agree with the hair on the left!

    Peace. PT

  2. snickars said

    i think you should go for the hair on the left side instead of building out the whole bird. exposing only a specific part of the bird makes it more interesting to look at, let’s you mind work a bit more than if you made out the whole thing. i hope you get what i mean, my english is a bit rusty. would def grab this one if i saw it in the store!

  3. DERMOT said

    I’d rock it as is… straight butter!

  4. This is super hot- I think if anything, just some kind of line defining the top of the head would be cool- maye more feather / hair action- thats rad.

  5. Josh, Personally I enjoy the asymmetry and having more print area on one shoulder which ever it may be. Then a piece gives nod to the military standard of putting all the medals and names on one side of the upper chest..


  6. Fred said

    Great Success, i like!

  7. This is very slick. Where are you getting these made Joshua?

  8. theveritablefabulist said

    this is so rad. i as well would rock as is.

  9. MQ said

    just like everyone else, I’d rock it as is. But I’d also rock it with more hair on the left.

    most def an awesome design!

  10. KLASSIC82 said

    Lovin it, eagle is perfect when can I buy one?

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