Anime (ish)

April 19, 2007


I’m working on a set of illustrations for a client, and a couple of them are girls. This is actually a challenge because i have hardly ever done ‘girl’ illustrations that are cartoonish in style. One reference was anime, which the final illustration changed a little bit for this one, but i some what like this. It’s pretty raw. but cute.


2 Responses to “Anime (ish)”

  1. Freakin rad dude!

    Recently i worked with a client who ask me to do some anime illustrations. It was pretty hard, cuz im not in that style…But i had to, besides i learned a lot of human structure and how to keep the same secuenci.
    After that job i assumed that the anime draw has the best tips for beginners!

    Greetins dude, greate job!

  2. Joe said

    I love the stars on the pupils.

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