Eye Study

April 19, 2007


What, no skulls.. oh, wait, i slipped on in.. Hell yeah!
This is a eye study i did a while back. It actually comes in handy if i have to work on cute stuff. And i know, the cute stuff isn’t as ‘hydro74″, but i need to get more girls liking my work. The Hydro fanbase is a complete sausage fest. It’s like being at a Star Trek convention. HA, TOTALLY SCREWING AROUND..

Naw, the reality is that when i first got into design… a long while back, i was in love with anime and the whole cute styles that were out. I enjoy the opportunity to work on that stuff, but on the same token, it’s nice to be able to spend time on a study that will eventually help in future projects.


One Response to “Eye Study”

  1. phillipt said

    Wait up i see skulls on the left! 😛

    You could do a childrens range of apparel from hydro 😛 haha

    Peace. PT

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