Oddica Octopus Trilogy

April 20, 2007


Brian over at Oddica rocked out a new project. Sad to say they are sold out. However rumors might circulate that they might do a few more. Who know’s.

Each collector’s can contains 3 shirts of the same size, 3 buttons, 2 limited-edition stickers + lots more! Only 49 sets will be sold.
Octopus Incident reprint by Paul Deisinger on a new color, AA Lapis. (Dark Royal)
•Flying Fish by Matt Whitaker on AA Light Blue
•Octosub by Alan Forbes on AA Silver.
•Three buttons featuring the three T-shirt designs.
•New Artwork from Hydro74 on a limited-edition die-cut sticker on reflective stock.
•New Artwork from newcomer Ray Frenden on a limited-edition die-cut sticker on reflective stock.
A stainless-steel can screenprinted with the Oddica Octopus logo.
And a poseable 5-inch vinyl octopus.
The set itself, the can, and some of the goodies are limited-edition (never available again), but the shirts themselves are being produced in normal quantities and will be available individually at the current Oddica prices.


4 Responses to “Oddica Octopus Trilogy”

  1. Chris said

    saw it on uncrate this morning… totally wish i had money for this stuff.

  2. Nathan said

    Heh. Wow…interesting theme and some really neat work. The designs are really creative.

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