Work In Progress V3.2

April 24, 2007


V3.2 – type.
still needs some cleaning. might even change it a little. but here is the work in progress.


7 Responses to “Work In Progress V3.2”

  1. ftrc said

    i dont like the tickness of the borders that much but the rest is pretty awesome.

  2. mrchek said

    awesome. I like it !

  3. dan said

    I really like the way the different elements, chrome, rust, cracks, tone, shape and forms are coming together to form a unified whole… very nice!

  4. PT said

    Looking sharp, i really like the ‘O’..

    Peace. PT

  5. Matt Q said

    Freakin’ rad as always. they’re all killer, but I’m feeling the “N” most i think. that little POP in the left side is awesome.

  6. gilang said

    awesome typography !

  7. Jonathan said

    pretty rad, might be nice to add up some variation to the cracks

    its nice to see people putting thought back into type (as apposed to the days back when) so props

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