Hydro Free v.7 | Organic

April 25, 2007


I know the real reason why you read this blog, not because I’m talented or handsome, or cool to say the least. It’s the vector i throw down…
It’s all good. Here is something I found tonight that never made the light of day except for a few friends. It’s nothing special, however they are great for backgrounds and a nice texture. They are royalty free, so feel free to abuse them in any fashion.


*please don’t distribute or sell.


11 Responses to “Hydro Free v.7 | Organic”

  1. zak said

    Thanks! I am come to this site for the hugs lol

  2. kemuri said

    Whoa, these are fantastic. Thanks for sharing!
    Also, your works are simply amazing!

  3. PT said

    I never thought you’d catch onto me and my mooching ways… i guess you have!

    But seriously… thats some nice plants

    Peace. PT

  4. MQ said

    Indubidubly sir. The vector you throw down is magnificent and we are all now indebted to you.

    But c’mon. You’re freakin’ Hydro74! we’re just happy you’re on our side and not too high and mighty.

    cheers sir.

  5. Joe said

    Nice stuff. Appreciate it as always though I’m feeling guilty using your elements in my illustrations 😦

  6. Strator said

    Nah brother, first inspired by your flow. then secondy, grabbing the grab bag on my way out.

    thanks again.


  7. Jose said

    Thanks. Although appreciated, not the only reason I visit your blog. The links you give out and the insight into your work is great. Keep up the great work.

  8. HeroHate said

    That is so not true, we are only here to honer and obey a true idol.. 🙂 im honestly in love with some of the stuff you do, im especially fascinated with the creativity you lay out on you type treatments, when i become a grown up i wonna do stuff just like you.. (ohh good im such a freak:))

    Best regards a 21′ year old dansih fan..:)

  9. KLASSIC82 said

    You know what I take most from your blog…..It would have to be the links to other artists. Hydro started a huge change in the way I design things, but I love to see the work that influences him. I keep almost all the links posted here, so thanks for those. The EPS’s are just the mountain of sugar on the cake, thanks Hydro…

    Will | Klassic82

  10. karbon said

    trully love ur artwerkz, n I believe no one can’t refuse something free:P
    tx hydro, n keep throwing down the vectors! they are awesome!

  11. fragment said

    ‘scuse but the link is break…
    how can I download your nice work to complete my jobs…?

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