April 26, 2007


A good friend (Brad Matlack) just printed up some shirts to help support his trip to Africa. I AM NOT A BYSTANDER’s mission is simple: To be a catalyst that influences individuals to get actively involved in Africa and the AIDS pandemic by breaking down the stigma through education, community involvement and group accountability.

I am not one to jump on Christian based projects, however his passion is there and I believe his heart has a true deep pain and concern for this region of the world.

Order his shirt, support his cause, if not just drop him a line and offer your support!
>>>IANB Shirts


2 Responses to “I AM NOT A BYSTANDER”

  1. Jason said

    You are not a bystander because you are not ignoring the AIDS delima in Africa?

  2. hydro74 said

    you’ll have to ask him. guess the idea is that there are faces to the people who have aids.. they are just not bystanders .. that is my guess

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