Let’s get Political…Political…

April 26, 2007


First and foremost, if you get the reference for the above title, I will personally send you a nice gift in the mail (* Rimfya got it… thanks for playing tho)

Yes, I am for Edwards. Yes I consider myself a Democrat. I really admire what his stances are, and I could care less about his $400 haircut (debate that is going on) Considering his track record vs. many other Republicans in office right now, Edwards, to me has the best intentions. Coming in second would be Sen. John McCain. I know he’s Republican, but he is one of the few Repub’s to stand up against Bush and Loyal Bushys concerning POW treatments & war policies.

anyway. Here are some recent quotes from Edwards I really enjoyed. Mostly, because these statements made me feel proud to be a American again. He is right, our political system is the PEOPLE’S GOVERNMENT, not the REPUBLICAN PARTY’S GOVERNMENT.

“The President should demand that Alberto Gonzales resign, and he should fire Karl Rove. They have turned the Department of Justice into the Department of Political Payback. In doing so, they deny every American the legitimate expectation that justice will be administered without reference to partisan considerations.
“If President Bush doesn’t have the courage to fire Gonzales, he should step up and resign for the good of the country.

“And with a new investigation aimed squarely at Karl Rove, the President should fire him if he continues to refuse to testify under oath. New reports that federal employees were urged to assist Republican candidates through their official duties are outrageous. This is the American people’s government, not the Republican Party’s.

“There is too much at stake – from the war in Iraq to 45 million Americans without health care – to let this continue. We don’t need the distraction of more investigations of criminal activity in the Bush Administration.”

I post this because I know my view, I know my passion and I know that we need to be involved more in politics. I could care less what side you like, just get to know your candidate and your issues and fight for them. Just take a few moments to consider each side with out bias, select and move forward.


9 Responses to “Let’s get Political…Political…”

  1. Simo said

    Olivia Newton John – Physical

    Want my address?

  2. joenicklo said

    It’s so unfortunate that we have very little to choose from on either sides of the party lines.

  3. PT said

    Lets get Physical… Physical…

    Good to see some passion about the subject.

    Peace. PT

  4. hydro74 said

    joe- true, but at least now we can at least find someone who has the same passions we do about life, politics and the future of our government

  5. MQ said

    I completely agree with your last little blurb. I’m sick of the government using their positions to better themselves. You’re not there to get rich you asses, you’re there to better OUR country…Us, the U.S. Not your heated in-ground pool(s).

    If we all get involved they will listen. I’ve always been on the sidelines in the past, but I’ve come to the realization that my voice is worth listening to.

    rant over.

    thanks Josh.

  6. josh said

    Good choice of words. I do agree.

  7. hydro74 said

    good rant. I know i’m just tired of feeling like the bush admin can do whatever they want. they have installed so much fear into the american public, Karl Rove can do whatever he want. So i want to be proactive, and if you are that frustrated, just start talking. choose someone you want to support, and see if there is anything you can do.

  8. JZ said

    I think the John McCain of the 2000 race is not the Johan McCain of 08. The guy used to appeal to independents and members of both parties. But sometime after the 2000 race, despite what McCain says, he lost his nerve, his credibility, and his critical voice. He abused his good name with the American people by showing up on the Today Show every morning spouting the party line.

    It’s sad that he bowed to whatever pressure they put upon him. I still think he is a great man and leader, but he quit fighting and I’m not sure that his loyalty isn’t with the party now.

    I, too, like Edwards. But I really don’t think we’re going to see a big change until someone outside the parties makes an impact. Maybe that guy is Lieberman…I’ll be watching. But until the parties are shown that they don’t have a stranglehold on our government, they’re going to continue to act like it.

    Same for the Democrats. The people sent a clear message putting them back in power and what have they done with the opportunity? Point blame with endless investigations. Investigations don’t fix things. They make you look petty and like, well, politicians.

    Sorry for all that…it’s easy to get rolling on the subject.

  9. Matt Q said

    1st: Thank you. 🙂

    2nd: Totally correct. I was listening to NPR today and there were 3 investigations mentioned…(of who I can’t remember now, but my pizza was awesome ;)…and of the 3 people who were supposed to testify…ONE, that’s 1 person actually did. Effin’ politicians can be all high and mighty as long as no one finds out! If you did it, or had any part in it TELL THE DAMN TRUTH. Don’t hide behind, “I will not incriminate myself”.

    That’s not gonna fly no more.

    end rant #2.

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