Harry Potter

April 27, 2007


A while back I was given a project to do a pitch for Harry Potter. It was a fun project, which I will admit, i didn’t have the confidence to provide the style that was needed. However, Evoke said they had faith and by the end of the project, i was very happy. Granted, it was a lot of work trying to get each image of each character in, then color match so it looked as if they were all part of the same shot. I’m quite happy with them. The only bad thing is that the site launched, and nothing that I assisted with made it into the pitch. No biggie 🙂


6 Responses to “Harry Potter”

  1. phillipt said

    Thats pretty cool mate! I like the look you pulled out.

    Peace. PT

  2. Dan was so stoked when I showed him this project.. A huge HP fan- reads all the books – and sees all the movies.
    Hes a goof ball.

  3. Tobi said

    A cobbler should stick to his last.

    the first one looks oversharpen.

  4. MQ said

    Love ’em. I’m a huge HP fan too…read all the books…have the new one on pre-order…seen all the movies…own all the movies…GOING INSANE WAITING FOR THIS SUMMER!!!

    Sad they didn’t get used for the site. But still amazing work!


  5. steve said

    awesome! hp5 is gonna rock! as is book 7!
    great job!

  6. Track 6 said

    “the first one looks oversharpen.”

    A side effect of the high-pass filter. Have a look at this article if you haven’t already.

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