Last couple days i decided with any free time i would reconstruct my ‘Vector Vault’ and retire certian pieces I’ve used quite a bit as well as develop new pieces from the mounds of books I have in my office. It’s just a way to give a fresher approach and encourage some creative values to come forth.

In doing so, one of the files I have used quite a bit in the past was a nice little collection of Flourishes that I’ve collected from different sources. Most of these are standard and if you look in the right place you’ll be able to find them. Pretty much public domain by now. So what that said, i offer up my collection to you. I didn’t develop these, except for the type and heart thing at the top of the file… I know some of you have been jonesing to see some of my type up close. So enjoy.

Hydro Flourishes: Download Here

*and as always. Custom hydro vector is HERE, and this will only be up for a limited time.


Going to print…

May 29, 2007


Going to send these two designs over to the printer today. I haven’t fully broke down sizes yet, but if you want one, drop a line and give me your size. When I send over the art either tonight or tomorrow morning, i’m going to have my size break downs in hand. Going to be small runs mostly on skull pieces since that is for the gallery show over in St. Pete. However if you do want that piece, let me know and i’ll make sure to hold that many back.


This weekend I went over to the bookstore to pick up the new issue of Ride Magazine to see how the ad turned out for Kink which is on the back cover. It looked great and while flipping through some of the pages, i noticed part of this piece was out. A while back Fox Racing hired me to throw together a illustration with very dark themes since this was suppost to be a play off of Black Metal. It was quite fun since i like doing skulls and of course, anytime you can construct a pentagram sprocket… hell yeah. There wasn’t a whole lot of time and budget involved, but it was nice to develop some key elements for the marketing department over there.


May 29, 2007


One of the projects from last week was a project for Quiksilver. I had to bust out a bunch of pieces for them and also invited a couple freelancers to assist. Troy White had some great success with his pieces. As much as i get busy, i really do just taking some extra time to explore typography and seeing what I can come up with. Granted, the piece above is pretty straight forward, it actually took sometime to make it flow. But the end product looked nice.

Insane Week

May 29, 2007


Last week was a pretty busy and insane week. Trying to slow down this week, but it’s already going to be packed with some projects from Nike 6.0. It’s fun, but was kinda looking forward to getting things sorted and send some prints out to get printed up. Here is a rough on the pieces I’m going to give to the gallery show over in St. Pete. Two pieces are going to be 3ft x 3ft, then the middle one is going to be 1ft x 3ft. Framing them is going to be a fun task, but all well.

Here is a larger version. Still going to be some edits and additions.

Tech Rex V.5

May 23, 2007


Here is the illustration with a little color added. I didn’t invest much time into the color since it’s for a boy’s line. I already started the new version for the gallery show. I think it will turn out pretty rad. I’ll post updates once i start the line art!

Shit Luck

May 21, 2007


In the middle of a project, i took a moment to play around with a some letters and seeing what i can come up with. Granted, i like the structure of most tattoo typography and this one was somewhat easy. Some of the letters i built look a little off when i tried to build a letter set. I am happy with it for being a first pass.

Okay, i know this isn’t that exciting, but i can’t really show much more than this right now due to the hush hush nature of a few projects. Sometime soon tho!!

Tech Rex V.4

May 21, 2007


Here is the line art. Didn’t get too much more done with it since i wanted to just relax this weekend. I want to go in and thicken up some of the areas and add a little bit more dramatic shadowing. Inside the mouth is pretty raw. Want to figure out a nice solution for that. Outside of that, not sure what else i want to do. I don’t want to do the body, too much of a pain to do. Any suggestions?

Tech Rex V.3

May 18, 2007


I haven’t had a whole lot of time to really pound away at this. I actually need to jump over to another project and prep that up. However, i did want to make some progress. I think I am pretty happy with the jawline. Needs to be chipped away more, same with the upper jaw (or beak area) because don’t want this to look as if it’s brand new, but rather something that has been around and has done some damage.

One thing i do while I illustrate is to not set any real solid goals with it. I like the illustration to come to be rather than force it to be something else. As i move forward with it, i discover some unique things I want to add or subtract. After a while, it begins to take a personality. There is no accident. Maybe halfway though this, it will become a helmet for a skull or new tech indian. Who knows.

Tech Rex V.2

May 18, 2007


Made a little progress on it. Still going to sort out details on shadowing. But the next step is the lower jaw and defining the back of the head. Might throw down some strands of hair, and yes, i know it’s a reptile, but a few wire(ish) hairs creaping out of the metal parts could be cool. Who knows. My goal is to get this 90% by mid afternoon tomorrow (Friday) so we’ll see how detailed i’ll get.