Viva Las Vegas

May 1, 2007


This is a poker set i’m working on for the ‘hell of it’. I started with a poker chip while talking on the phone, next thing i knew, i was playing with some spades. This might be a little bit too detailed for a vector set, so i don’t know what i’m going to do with it… That was one of the many things going on today. It’s amazing how your mind just kicks in and you just create something out of thin air.


8 Responses to “Viva Las Vegas”

  1. I’d buy a set. Make a 52 Hydro deck!

  2. phillipt said

    that looks wicked! I like your spade design..

    Peace. PT

  3. sharque said

    haha yeah that would be so sweet. id defenetly get one a bunch of them. the ace of spades makes a great theme.

  4. Nathan said

    How do you have time to work on personal projects? I never have time…

  5. Ido said

    Wow. Great.

    Whats with the first 7?

  6. YASLY said

    From a friend to a friend. You have a gambling problem dude — get help!

  7. hydro74 said

    the first seven is a little jacked because i didn’t group it and moved it before i did a screen capture.

    as far as personal projects, i try to make a small amount of time at night. maybe a hour or two to play when the family goes to bed.

  8. MQ said

    Looking very ill Josh. I like the chips the best… reminds me of a Cowboy Bebop episode.

    Good work man!

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