Photo Sharpening

May 2, 2007

Medium Contrast
High Contrast

I’ve always enjoyed sharpening up photos to give it that extra pop. Here are a couple Photoshop Actions I put together for myself as well as my wife so we can tweak out some photos we really like. Since I’m not a Photoshop master by any means, a lot of designers have their own methods and take time to clean up and play around.

However, since I’m a nice guy, i thought you guys (and maybe a girl or two who check out my work) might enjoy this action. Download and see if this helps you out on a project. Lastly, as a good Streamline or Live Trace action, shapen up your image on High Contrast, then do your Live Trace or Streamlining. This will make your clip art pop out more and give it just a tad bit more detail. Also, use this on high resolution images.

Download Action >>> Here
Here is a nice HOW TO INSTALL site


14 Responses to “Photo Sharpening”

  1. phillipt said

    Thanks you very much. Gotta love detail..

    Peace. PT

  2. steve said

    yeah… um… you pretty much rule.

  3. snickars said

    wow, thanks, might try this one at work (pre press). i’ll let ya know if it’s a keeper!

  4. aaron said

    thanks heaps, will try this out!

  5. hellocolor said

    Sure it will improve your tracing results. It’s good for tracing purposes, however oversharpening not always is good for printing & web purposes :]

  6. Evan said

    Thanks for taking the time to kick down your secrets of the trade. Your blog is quickly becoming a resource that I check very often.

    I particularly enjoyed your little cropping tutorial a few days ago. Stuff like that is very helpful. Keep it up.

  7. Jason said

    Thanks for the info!

  8. offbeat said

    Thanks for this – your blog is a great resource and inspiration!

  9. Nice trick, I’ve got a little technique I use myself. It achieves a similar result.

  10. Matt Q said

    a very useful tool. I’ve done a lot of creations using this method and it is by far one of my most used tricks.

    good lookin’ out Josh!

  11. EzyLee said

    Just another tip for sharpening: When printing on an uncoated stock, it will always help to give all your images a good hit of sharpening (don’t over do it though). Just allows for dot gain.

    Cheers for all your tips Josh!

  12. Brian said

    Thanks for the tip. Ill give that badboy a try.

    Im looking to start a blog like this, where all us design dudes can post and share vectors, design tips, etc…
    Its always fresh when im looking for a certain element and i get on your blog and your giving away what im looking for. Should be keen.

    Hope everyones ready.

  13. jeff said

    enjoy your blog man – thanks for the little tips like this one..

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