Busy As Hell…

May 4, 2007

By no means am I trying to swell my ego, believe me, I really don’t have one. Every time I get a new project in, I’m just as flattered as the first day that I got my first real freelance project. But since I haven’t really posted much over the past few days, I thought i would give you a update.

Couple of the bigger projects are for Hasbro. Working on some G.I. Joe things and some Transformers things. There is some apparel needed for Lucas Arts on deck, which i’m super stoked on. This is pretty much a dream project just because I can re-live my child hood with my mouse clicking skills with these clients. There are a few logo driven projects for Atlantic Records. I work with a great guy and it’s always a pleasure to hear from him. Even if he say’s the client didn’t like it for the 20th time. What else, oh yeah. some stuff for Puddle of Mudd (which is weird, but cool), some treatments for a large shoe company (can’t say much about it) & apparel for Quiksilver, Etnies, Emerica & Macy’s. A lot of the stuff I can’t show, but once it’s released, i can post some of the better pieces that maybe the client did or didn’t love.

So yeah. Going to be busy, so if my posts are just random things, or maybe a free thing or two and i’m not showing any work, it’s due to some chaos.


6 Responses to “Busy As Hell…”

  1. Zach said

    What? You mean you have a life outside the internet?
    Stoked to see the new things that roll out.

  2. Good to see things are going great for you!

    Cheers again for the chat and your insight.

  3. monkeyknifefight said

    Your a champion,
    love your work,
    always look forward to seeing some new hydro74 in my rss reader.

    Thanks for giving us an insight into your work, even when you are swamped with so many dope projects.

  4. Glad Don tapped ya for that Puddle gig. He asked if I knew anybody, and your name was the first one that popped into my noggin.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the stuff you have on tap!

  5. Chris said

    wow man congrats! keep on crankin it out.

  6. taurusmatt@superzero said

    Yo man, really hope that i can be like you one day… YOUR WORK REALLY Inspired me much!

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