Hydro Free v.8 | Military

May 4, 2007


Here are some random elements I vectored up real quick for a project. I haven’t used them in ages, so as a nice friday gift, they are yours to download, use and abuse.

Hydro Free v.8 >> Military

* Don’t try to sell or post as downloads on your site. These pieces will only be up for a short while. If you really enjoy the free stuff, check out my sets over at YWFT and support Hydro74


9 Responses to “Hydro Free v.8 | Military”

  1. lluxus said

    thanks a lot!

    now i’m able to declare war 😉
    [like pastor troy]

  2. Erock said

    Thanks man! Appreciate the goodies!

  3. ArtcoreGfx said

    dude, you’re too kind….

  4. taurusmatt@superzero said

    Terima Kasih! (means TQ in Malay)
    Is very kind of u to post this free vector!

  5. Tau Siroko said

    I do sometimes wander where these vectors come from. I know that obviously you created them in illustrator, but I’m guessing they’re at-least based on photo’s if not drawn over the top?

    Free stuff is always nice though 😉

  6. Matt Q said

    I’ve been looking for a good bullet lately just hadn’t found the right one! Thanks man!

    All this free vector…is there anything we can do for you? 🙂

  7. karbon said

    dear hydro, tx for the goodies!
    umm…is it possible if I use some of ’em on my artworks?
    i’ll put a lil ‘hydro74’ then

  8. Thanks for the download, your work never ceases to amaze

  9. Gabe said

    um…got a 404.

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