Kink Ad

May 4, 2007


Here is a ad i’m developing for Kink. Since this is product driven, unlike most other BMX ads where you need a action shot, i’m quite happy with pushing the focus on simple typography and well defined product with a little touch up. Over all, i’m very happy with it. We’ll see where it goes once we finalize, but this is a work in progress.


5 Responses to “Kink Ad”

  1. joeROOSTER said


  2. sharque said

    haha kink i just love it. you dont happen to know who did that old shirt print with the eagle from the corvette hood logo? i think its one of my favo birdieheraldics ever.

  3. taurusmatt@superzero said

    With Great Ability comes Big Responsibilty!!
    U r my true hero bro… No wonder u got all those job! ~Salute~ Would love to learn from u some days

  4. Yeah!

    Nice work!


  5. Matt Q said

    Looking excellent as always Josh! I like the ghosty smokey bits on top.


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