Apparel Development

May 10, 2007


Well… enought said with those images. Been busy. Also thanks to THU (TEAM HYDRO UNION) for the assistance. THU is basically some of my freelancers who assist.


10 Responses to “Apparel Development”

  1. Hydro, these look amazing. I really enjoy walking into a mall/store and seeing stuff designed by you. Often imitated, never duplicated Missy ElliotHydro74

  2. Chris said

    ….. BEAST!

    how in the…

  3. olvin said

    cool, i’d wish to buy any of the black ones

    btw, where did you get all these nice t-shirt scans/photos? 🙂

  4. cbraun said

    Holy cow man… Josh, how do I get into the THU?

  5. Nathan said

    God damn man that’s a hell of a lot of treatments. Yeah, I was gonna say…some of that stuff doesn’t look like your style. Good to have a few different styles from other designers thrown into the mix… Nice work.

  6. These are hot Joshua. I wish I could see them bigger. When are you releasing shirts like this for your own Hydro brand? Btw, have you decided where you’re going to print them?

  7. Tommy G said

    Nice work man – just curious what shirts you use for your mocks…

  8. Fenimore said

    Man i want to get a few of those,mostly the emerica orange blue gradient one, i’ve been looking all over for that one! were can i purchase it?

  9. steve said

    excellent. i want all of them. 🙂

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