Skull & Snake Illustration

May 10, 2007


I worked up a illustration tonight for a client. Here is a small sample of what is going on. I’m in love with a new technique I’ve started to use. It mixes clean vector with slight details of dirty vector. I’m not talking about making something look vintage, but rather adding in enought detail to give it just a little bit more perspective.

On another note. I haven’t been as productive on getting daily updates on this blog. I know a few of you visit regularly, and i greatly appreciate your support and flattered it’s worth checking out. Once i sort out some details, i will probably do a daily update on a illustration i’m going to start for a upcoming gallery show in Tampa.


8 Responses to “Skull & Snake Illustration”

  1. Andy said

    Looks rad as!

  2. PT said

    Oh my word, that is one of the coolest snake/skull combo’s ive ever seen!

    Peace. PT

  3. Hope you make it over for the show.

  4. Lee said

    Awesome work. I’m a big fan.

  5. Nathan said

    Always good to grunge it up.

    Asterik Studio did a tutorial in ComputerArts on how to grunge up line artwork. Basically, they printed out the line art on a laserjet printer, crumbled it into a ball, uncrumbled it and photocopyed it.

  6. davidmac said

    cool man… all those shirts were rad

  7. ArtcoreGfx said

    I had a question, do you use a Wacom tablet or a mouse?

  8. Can never have enough skulls. @ Nathan, that’s a pretty good technique 🙂

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