Art Piece

May 11, 2007


Here is a piece i’m starting to put together for a up coming art show over in St. Petersburg, Florida. Once done, i’m going to make some shirts, a few canvas prints and probably some postcards & stickers. I’m still in process on what direction i want to take with it. I might take a tattoo styled structure by adding some nice roses, maybe a viper moving around it. Or might have a broken spin coming off the bottom. Not sure. I do know i’m going to add some typography into it somewhere…


4 Responses to “Art Piece”

  1. Joe Boccia said

    SOLD!!!! I’m buyin a tshirt!!!!

  2. Lee said


    I dropped you an email a couple of weeks ago regarding the chance to work on some limited edition prints with an urban art/design company I work with Opus Underground.

    I’d very much appreciate if you could drop me an email to talk about it…

    Cheers bro!

  3. Coming along pretty nice…

  4. Matt Q said

    looking really good Josh! And yes to roses!

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