Help For Marck

May 11, 2007


Hello music people, this time the subject of this e-mail is a little bit sad, here is the story:

On Sunday April 29, i went very early with my wife to do some photos and video shoot for a work. At night, when we get back to our apartment,big was our surprise to find out that our apartment had been burglarized. We took all the legal action,we went to the policy, we register occurrence, however, the odds to recover our belongings are nearly zero.

The worst part of this history was that the thief took my computer – a Macbook Pro 17″ (serial number: W86243M1THY) – with all my archives and works in progress,all the contacts, everything.

Stimulated by friends I decided to create a donation page, which shall be of great help to recover part of what was lost.

Thank you,

Donation page:


*image by Kanardo


5 Responses to “Help For Marck”

  1. mrchek said

    I am so sorry. I hope, that police will finde someone

  2. PT said

    Thats gotta suck bigtime!…

    Hope it all comes back..

    Peace OT

  3. Joe said

    Sorry, this may sound cruel but I’m kinda turned off by this kinda stuff. 😦

    Anyway, Apple has a really nice credit line that almost anyone can apply for and get.

  4. DERMOT said

    Sorry to hear.

  5. Matt Q said

    hope everything gets found! that’s one bad trip, man.

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