YWFT | Two New Sets V2

May 12, 2007


I couldn’t sleep last night for some strange reason. I started on the Organic set around Midnight, just to get a new set over to them also to take my mind off of current projects because I getting a bit stressed on the amount that needs to be done. Next thing i know, it was 3am. I still wasn’t tired, so i figured i would collect up all the money elements I’ve scanned it, cleaned up and actually spent a lot of time getting them to look decent enough. So it was around 5am, still couldn’t sleep, even tho i did try for a short bit, but my mind was everywhere. Finally i feel to sleep around 5:30 only to be awakened around 8 by my kids. My wife, being the great wife she is, let me sleep in a little bit longer.. but at least i have something to show for my insomnia. Two new vector sets for YWFT.

**They just got posted!.
Regime 04 >> Here
Botanicals 15 >>> Here


4 Responses to “YWFT | Two New Sets V2”

  1. Matt Q said

    i’m really diggin’ those organics man. I might have to get me some of that action!

  2. joenicklo said

    I really like those organics. Nice stuff

  3. Luan said


  4. chad said

    how do you do that organic look… you should post tutorials

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