May 14, 2007

feeling a bit sick.


8 Responses to “Frustrating.”

  1. Thats what happens when you work your ass off..

  2. thomas said

    exactly what twhite said… as you get bigger more and more people take some sort of pride in bringing out and exploiting the small stuff.

  3. Brennan said

    Hope you get feeling better soon Hydro!!

  4. 57 Even said

    For sure, late nights mean no body repair.. Weakened immune systems, and the best illustrations. Hope you feel better soon -57

  5. PT said

    Yeah stick it to the man and keep working!

    Nah get better mate, been a while since i checked out your blog, i like the new updates on the website by the way, looks mean & clean.

    Peace. PT

  6. Matt Q said

    get well soon Josh!

    …troy’s right though.

  7. KENEDIK said

    Sorry you’re feeling sick dude!

  8. get a lot of rest, stay away from the mac, see a doctor if you nid 2.

    u will be ok in no time. thanks for everything

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