Photoshop Master?

May 14, 2007


A while back I was on some list as a photoshop master. Which is funny since i spend maybe 30% of my week in photoshop. I guess i would consider myself more of a Adobe Illustrator Master than Photoshop. Anyway, this list was going around which was on a few forums, then i noticed that China Visual posted it recently. I highly respect China Visual, and for them to take the time and publish the list, it’s pretty cool. Along with the list was:

Adhemas Batista :
Bert Monroy :
Derel Lea :
Eduardo Recife :
Ian Keltie :
Joan Charmant :
Justin M. Maller :
Nik Ainley :
Scott Hansen :

That is some talent.
Well, I’m very flattered to be part of any list that goes around, and nice to see it’s something positive. You know know how tired I get of seeing the ‘Gayest Designs’ list that floats around.

Check out China Visual. The site takes a while to load, but it’s worth it.


5 Responses to “Photoshop Master?”

  1. Joe said

    You’re in the company of other great designers there man. Grats 🙂

    I was surprised to see Scott Hansen on there though. His work is great but I honestly never thought it was on par with the likes of Derek Lea or Bert Monroy.

    Speaking of Bert, I think he should’ve been #1. His Photoshop skills are unmatched.

  2. Lee said

    yer bro well done!

    Did you get my other message about the prints by the way? Just wanted to know.

  3. They musta forgot to add ME to that p-shop master list….


  4. MQ said

    i saw the list a while back when it was published…can’t remember where or in what though.

    Its an honor to be in the presence of a master though! congrats josh!

  5. davidmac said

    quite a group of people to be listed with… Congrats

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