A Busy Tuesday…

May 16, 2007


Well, this has pretty much become routine, but today seemed quite a bit more busy than usual. However the phone didn’t ring as much, so maybe I was able to get more done.

Woke up at 8:15, helped my wife get my oldest ready, and watch my youngest, as she got excited about Dora the Explorer. At 9:20, give or take, I started on some typography for Maxim Magazine. Did a couple revisions. Around 11:00, started on a illustration for a company (which is the rough illustration above) till around 2:30. Inbetween i had to prep a few files. Around 3:00, did a revision for Maxim, started a quick illustration for Macy’s Department Store to at least get a start on it, then jumped back into the illustration (above). Had a couple phone conference calls, got a big project that is due Friday. Went back to the Macy’s Illustration, then at 6:00 ate dinner. After dinner had a water balloon fight with my daughters, then we got the squirt guns out, and chased each other around. Put them to bed, got some coffee, and went back to the above illustration. Still having issues with it looking decent, ..and now i’m typing this (or was, when you read this)

That is pretty much a day in the life of Hydro. I did break free and took my girls to starbucks, we all got some coffee, well, i did, they got a decaf frap. So yeah…
It’s fun, but on the same token, all i do is sit and click a mouse. It’s all good tho!


6 Responses to “A Busy Tuesday…”

  1. jeff said

    would love to see your work flow/process doing illustrations like the one above.. similar to upso’s stuff

  2. PT said

    Love those faces.

    Your life is hectic mate i dont know if i could handle all that!

    Peace. PT

  3. Matt Q said

    busy busy busy! But damn those things look good. Can’t wait to see the final turnout.

    stayin’ busy is good monetary, but damn it wears the crap out of you.

    We’re always here if you need some help! I’ve been known to throw a mean water balloon in my day.

  4. gilang said

    busy = $$$$

  5. starbucks is GOOD food.

  6. davidmac said

    nice little insite..

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