Illustration in Process

May 16, 2007


Working on a Illustration for the boys over at Plan B. Still a lot of work to be done, and to be honest, i hate doing faces. Well, hate is a strong word.. I loath it, only because there is so much you have to consider while doing it. The good thing is that it doesn’t need to be perfect since it’s only going to be a small application.

Once i get this done, i need to wrap up a Dino illustration for Macy’s, then a bunch of type treatments. This might be one of those 2am days…


5 Responses to “Illustration in Process”

  1. cbraun said

    Seriously, how do you pull this stuff together so fast? Don’t hate of the faces too bad, you’re awesome at them.

  2. mand doin’ faces i’ts kinda’ cool…but sometimes is a pain in the butt.
    I’m still in love with type-design…and your work has been an inspiration for me.
    Keep rockin’ it!

  3. Matt Q said

    it’s looking good Josh! My eyebrows look like his…but mine come together a bit more in the center…well a lot more…and it should be unibrow…not eyebrowS.

  4. Smooth said

    very good stuff!!

  5. staygolden said

    Your vector skills are a true inspiration…

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