Tech Rex

May 17, 2007


Working on a T-Rex Illustration for a client. It’s going to serve two purposes. 1. Being a shirt design for a kids line, and 2. being (or becoming) a piece for the upcoming gallery show over at Blackout Creations

It’s going to be a little different for the gallery show, but i thought i could kill two birds with one stone. Hopefully once it’s done, the line will be able to stand alone, where the actual piece for the client will be full color. As i progress, i will post it.


2 Responses to “Tech Rex”

  1. Adam Lemon said

    I’ve always wondered if you use a wacom tablet? Or do you just manipulate points with the mouse and pen tools?

    You take the cake for being the hardest working designer of 2007. Loving all the updates. Your blowing everyone away. Much respect.

  2. Seth said

    YOU ARE A MACHINE! I love that you have this blog I waste so much time here!!! hahaha Cheers man amazing work as always! 🙂

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