Tech Rex V.2

May 18, 2007


Made a little progress on it. Still going to sort out details on shadowing. But the next step is the lower jaw and defining the back of the head. Might throw down some strands of hair, and yes, i know it’s a reptile, but a few wire(ish) hairs creaping out of the metal parts could be cool. Who knows. My goal is to get this 90% by mid afternoon tomorrow (Friday) so we’ll see how detailed i’ll get.


6 Responses to “Tech Rex V.2”

  1. Amazing, i have you set as an rss feed and i always cant wait to see what you have uploaded… so clean…

  2. sharque said

    dont reptiles have the kind of eyes crocs and snakes has? the vertical halfmoon kind of pupil?

  3. Rina said

    i want to see teeth! aaarrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  4. MQ said

    holy eff. You have a Mechanimal Army forming Josh…you planning to over throw the animal kindom?

    Looks really good so far man!

  5. james said

    how do you get those tapered ends on your lines? Do you have a custom brush setup or do you use the pen tool? Looks really sick

  6. Rina said

    good question, james. TAPERED.
    and yea, im checking back, cause i wanna see some teeth. i still have to wait………. GRRRRRRRRRRR

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