Tech Rex V.3

May 18, 2007


I haven’t had a whole lot of time to really pound away at this. I actually need to jump over to another project and prep that up. However, i did want to make some progress. I think I am pretty happy with the jawline. Needs to be chipped away more, same with the upper jaw (or beak area) because don’t want this to look as if it’s brand new, but rather something that has been around and has done some damage.

One thing i do while I illustrate is to not set any real solid goals with it. I like the illustration to come to be rather than force it to be something else. As i move forward with it, i discover some unique things I want to add or subtract. After a while, it begins to take a personality. There is no accident. Maybe halfway though this, it will become a helmet for a skull or new tech indian. Who knows.


6 Responses to “Tech Rex V.3”

  1. MQ said

    I really can’t wait to see it with the jaw finished…and that tech indian!

    have a great weekend Josh!

  2. BTHuman said

    Awesome. You work so fast!

  3. always inspirational for me!

  4. Rina said


  5. Joe said

    As always, looking sharp man.

  6. Perre said

    just Mad, this started in illustrator aswell ?!

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