Shit Luck

May 21, 2007


In the middle of a project, i took a moment to play around with a some letters and seeing what i can come up with. Granted, i like the structure of most tattoo typography and this one was somewhat easy. Some of the letters i built look a little off when i tried to build a letter set. I am happy with it for being a first pass.

Okay, i know this isn’t that exciting, but i can’t really show much more than this right now due to the hush hush nature of a few projects. Sometime soon tho!!


6 Responses to “Shit Luck”

  1. Matt Q said

    looks good Josh. the curve master!

  2. hans said


    reminded me a little bit of this logo:

    you can even read it upside down!

  3. Seth said

    very nice, love the feeling the forms give.

  4. EzyLee said

    Fuck yeah! Dig this font! Keen to see more when you have it.

  5. Tony L said

    what font is that?

  6. Tanque said

    The letters are awesome!! Have you created an alphabet for it??

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