Tech Rex V.5

May 23, 2007


Here is the illustration with a little color added. I didn’t invest much time into the color since it’s for a boy’s line. I already started the new version for the gallery show. I think it will turn out pretty rad. I’ll post updates once i start the line art!


11 Responses to “Tech Rex V.5”

  1. Lee said

    This is awesome bro! How long does it normally take you to do these?

  2. MQ said

    i’m digging it duder. can’t wait to see the gallery edition!

  3. BTHuman said

    Sick! You’re an animal!

  4. Rina said

    it smells bad.

    looks hot though. haha! the colors are very ”boys t-shirt”

  5. BAIE ONE said

    MMMm…i like it more without color…
    anyway the level of detail is siick!
    cool as usual.

  6. Joe said

    The detail in the tongue gets lost. I think that since you have such good contrast throughout the illustration you just lose it a bit on the tongue. Maybe a lighter shade of red/pink would help it stand out a little more.

    The rest of the illustration is amazing.

  7. Seth said

    Amazing detail. The color really makes it, Great selection! Cheers!

  8. Smooth said

    Awesome!! so how many hours for this amazing illustration?

  9. casey said

    i really like they way your showing the diff volumes.. i really injoy your blog!

  10. why the f#$% the bubble-halo? beautiful illustration!

  11. Nathan said

    Turned out really nice. I could totally see this on a kid’s shirt.

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